Equideo comes to Erp

Equideo came to the Anky Education Center to do a feature story on me and my horses. I was very excited about it. They are a Belgian company that produces equestrian video content across all disciplines: dressage, jumping, eventing and endurance. What a great initiative! I knew Fabrice Willem already from the Belgian equestrian magazine L’Equimag. He is the journalist in the enterprise.

They came to Erp to film me riding and grooming my horses. They interviewed me at the end. It was all very professional. I was a little nervous, as being in front of the camera is not my favorite place to be! Or at least not when I am being put on the spot with very pointed questions. It all went pretty smoothly though as Fabrice was very skilled at putting me at ease before and during the taping. It was a fun and new experience 🙂

Equideo also managed to interview Anky and ask her a few questions.

I can’t wait to see the result! In the meantime, you can watch some Equideo content on facebook here and on their website here.