Get well soon, Newton

On December 31, while I was on holiday with my family in St. Barth’s, Anky called us to say that Newton was suffering from colic. Colic is quite common in horses and it’s when their intestines are either twisted and stop working or when they get trapped in various openings/holes in their abdomen. In Newton’s case, a piece of the small intestine become lodged in the hole leading to the liver. Colic is very serious and it’s important to act quickly. I think Anky probably saved his life by getting him to the clinic so fast. They did an ultrasound and examined him and determined he needed immediate surgery. In order to perform the surgery, they had to give Newton general anesthesia, which is a risk in itself because he could injure himself if he starts to thrash around while waking up from the anesthesia.

Waiting for him to recover
The surgery went well, but Newton’s recovery has been a bit slower than we would have liked. His intestines seemed to be doing fine but didn’t eat as well as he should initially and we think he may have been suffering from ulcers which is common in horses – especially if they haven’t eaten in some time. But, he finally overcame these obstacles in his recovery and I am glad to say that Newton is doing great and has been home since Jan. 16th.

This has been one of the hardest things I’ve had to go through as a rider. Newton is more than my horse; he’s my friend and partner. It’s difficult to see him suffer and be in pain. It also means that my competition plans for the first part of this year have to be readjusted. Newton is my main competition horse, but he’s in no condition to either train or compete at the moment. Which means the competitions I had planned to participate in during March are out of the question. Sunrise and Romy (my newest horse) aren’t quite competition ready yet, so we’ll just have to see how Newton’s recovery progresses.

Not exactly the start to the new year that I was hoping for, but we just have to keep at it. Every journey has its ups and downs, and I’m grateful I have such a strong support system to help me through the tougher times. And thanks so much to Anky for reacting like she did. Thanks to her, Newton has come through this experience with flying colors.